Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Fresh Start

When I was a freshman, I started a blog. It seemed like a cool thing to do. I wrote pretty avidly throughout that year, and what remains is a fairly good account of what happened that year. As I reviewed the 90 or so posts from that era of my life, I was a little disturbed by how much of them were about girls. Granted, I was not married and my love life was of great concern to me. It's pretty normal to write about what occupies your mind, so I shouldn't be surprised. Now I'm married, however, and lots of petty entries about this girl and that girl don't really seem like an appropriate piece of history to lug around anymore. It's okay to let those kinds of memories fade away, because they don't really contribute to the future. So I'm cutting off that anchor and pushing off to open waters. I don't guarantee that I'll suddenly write about things that matter. I sure hope not, anyway. I'll write about significant events and the truths that life has taught me. And I'm sure I'll share a lot of stupid stories.

Archie has graduated.

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  1. ehh, maybe 30.

    by the way, your post inspired me. welcome back to the blog world.