Monday, April 13, 2009


Yesterday was probably more hectic than an Easter should be, but it seems like the weekend is the only time to get anything done.

We drove up to Bountiful and got up there around noon, where a beautiful feast of pork roast awaited us. We left my parent's home at 12:45 to go to a good friend's homecoming at 1:00. We walked in, smelling suspiciously of pork, and found Andrew and Mary to sit with. When I sat down I immediately noted all the yahoos sitting in front of us -- the insufferably righteous and smiley Bountiful High alumni who had also come for the homecoming -- and I remembered why I didn't love high school. The homecoming address was short and sweet, and packed with the spiritual maturity appropriate for a just returned missionary from London, South. She was almost as bubbly as a greenie. After the meeting I remarked to her that I was a lot more exhausted when I got home, but of course I was out an additional six months.

After that meeting we returned to my parents' house, where everyone was awakening from their dinner-induced coma. We chatted for a while, and I spouted off about climate change and global warming and tried to convey the immediacy of the problem. It was really the first time I was able to give that sermon even though it had been incubating in my head for the last week. Thank goodness for a polite and earnest audience. I can always count on my parents to listen to my rants and speeches.

At around 4:00 we took off back to Provo to have dinner with Ashton's family. We arrived a little late, but still in time to eat some delicious chicken. We'd stopped at our place so Ashton could change clothes, and we brought Galya along for the ride. Nicholas went nuts when he heard she was there, and he chased her around the yard trying to pet her, exclaiming, "Hi Galya!" While he was distracted by Galya and his aunts' dollhouses, everyone set up an easter egg hunt. It was pretty amusing to watch Nicholas collect the candy-filled eggs scattered all over the living room. We helped him collect the harder-to-reach eggs, and picked up a pretty good stash of our own. Next Leesa hooked everyone up with some sweet Easter baskets, and I got another one from Ashton. I made off like a bandit! Such generous family! Apple beer, mugs, candy . . . what else could I ask for? Nicholas got progressively more wired as he ingested more sugar, and finally everyone packed up. It took several trips to take our loot and duck to the car.

To cap off the day I watched the film Schindler's List. It was my first time seeing it, (and I call myself a film lover) and I was more than impressed. I was captivated for the full three hours. I've seen a lot of World War II movies, but this was definitely the most moving and thought-provoking. It really carried home the message of compassion and charity, and was decidedly appropriate for the holiday.


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