Thursday, May 21, 2009

Brazilian Tan

On Tuesday I decided to take a few hours off from studying to surprise Ashton and paint our bedroom. When we first moved in we painted it this horrendous blue color called "Summer Breeze." We were going for an icy blue that would seem almost white, but it ended up looking like a bedroom for a baby boy. We'd wanted to paint it for a while, but both of us have been super busy, and Ashton's at a point in her pregnancy where she probably shouldn't be hanging out in a room full of vapors. So after my lab meeting I made a quick stop at Honk's (88 cent Tuesday!) and picked up some painting equipment. I masterfully taped off the moldings and edges and got painting. I finished first coat just as Ashton got home. She was delighted, as expected, and we decided to head to the temple while we let the walls dry. The new color, "Brazilian Tan," matches our living room, and has a much more soothing effect than the poorly named "Summer Breeze."

On Wednesday we decided to put the crib together, to see how much room it was going to take up, and to see what our options were for rearranging the living room. The crib came with some pretty easy-to-assemble pieces, but the instructions were tiny and confusing, and what should've been a simple task became a four-letter frustration. Finally we got all the pieces to snap into place, and we were shocked to see how big it was. Suddenly our plans to put it by the stairs weren't going to work out. Last night we moved furniture around into a fairly comfortable arrangement, with the couch finally facing the television. It's not as accommodating for guests, and it's a little tighter on space, but it's all right. And it's always refreshing to move the room around.


  1. Crib and house look great! Good luck this week!

  2. The room looked great. Great surprise for Ashton. So...what are you doing to celebrate having the MCAT over with? Do we get to come?