Thursday, May 14, 2009


We're developing quite the little garden in our yard. Ashton's planted numerous flowers, and I'm attempting to grow tomatoes, snap peas and bell peppers.

I got a 38 on a practice MCAT this morning. That always feels good. What if I did that well on the actual test?

My new climbing shoes came in the mail yesterday. I'm stoked to try them out.

The Shins switched out two of their members: Marty Crandall the keyboardist and Jesse Sandoval the drummer. They were replaced by Ron Lewis from Fruit Bats and Joe Plummer from Modest Mouse. Apparently James Mercer wanted to take the band in a different direction. This is really devastating to me. It's not the same band anymore; it's more like a James Mercer solo project. I'll never see the original Shins in concert again. I might be looking for a new middle name for our upcoming baby.

Apparently Sandoval is opening a taco cart in Portland, OR. I want to go get one and express my sadness.

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  1. I'll be down for tacos...and I'm sorry about the Shins.