Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cheng Day 2nd

Today marked two years since the baptism of Cheng and Jian, my Chinese brothers. It's crazy to think that that much time has already passed. And of all the holidays I created on my mission, Cheng Day is the only one I've remembered to commemorate, because it was quite the monumental day for me. It marked the pinnacle of my mission. Cheng and Jian were the humblest, most sincere investigators I worked with, and teaching them was bliss.

We celebrated by going to P. F. Changs, just like last year. Rather than gorging ourselves on Chinese delights (or their Americanized versions), we stuck with the staple chicken lettuce wraps and Great Wall of Chocolate. It's a tradition I wouldn't mind repeating every year.

God bless you Cheng and Jian!


  1. Happy Cheng Day! We'll have to make it a party with you next year . . .

  2. when's jian day and can we come to pf changs whenever it is?

  3. I just hope you can keep track of cheng and jian forever. do they know there is a holiday being celebrated just for them? very cool. and i wouldn't mind that great wall of chocolate.