Saturday, January 23, 2010


We’re still playing the Road game. It’s amazing how good certain foods taste when you’re hungry. Like yesterday, Ashton pulled out a box of corndogs we’d bought at Costco months ago and offered me one. Normally I would stick my nose up in disgust and say something about how Michael Pollan would be appalled. How could anyone eat such a dubious meat product, most likely pig, but possibly cow brain, chicken guts or roadside carrion, no doubt fed on Iowa’s corn surplus and heavy doses of antibiotics, rammed on a stick and battered with more government subsidized corn, deep fried in corn oil . . . How could anyone actually ingest something like that? None of those things went through my head, however, because the hungry feeling in my stomach overrode reason and logic, and the natural man could only be sated by not one, but two corndogs. Some good things have come out of this game, however, like learning to make bread. We haven’t bought bread for about a month, and I was really starting to crave some carbs. Ashton and I made rolls last week, but now we’ve run out of eggs, so we had to make something else. Turns out we had all the ingredients for this wonderful bread the Martins showed us how to make. Quinn e-mailed me the recipe and I made some Tuesday night. Those loaves only lasted a couple days and I had to make more on Saturday. It tastes phenomenal, and I don’t think I can ever go back to store-bought bread.


  1. Since we're moving soon Jon and I have been playing this game too, but I don't think we're as good as you. Our favorite foods were buy one get one free this week and we broke down.

  2. So impressed you are making bread! Can't you even buy milk and eggs in this game? Niether one of you can afford to lose any more weight! Any chance you are being a little too disciplined?

  3. What's the recipe? I'm dying to find a great bread recipe.