Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Road

For the last while Ashton and I have been playing a little game. I jokingly call it “The Road,” after Cormack McCarthy’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel. The game is that we have to eat all the food in the house until we either a. run out of food or b. I get a paycheck. Being unemployed has taught us how to scrimp better and not to splurge (although I had to make some exceptions for Ashton’s birthday). We haven’t really felt poor or exceptionally destitute, but we have felt the pressure of being responsible with the money we do have and trying to pay off our debts. We also know what it's like to hit the bottom of the bank account. We’ve successfully cleaned out the fridge and eaten most of the fresh stuff, and now we’re moving into the food storage. We’ve been going about three weeks without buying groceries, except one gallon of milk. I call it “The Road” because the man and son in that book move from farmhouse to farmhouse looking for food, and they occasionally hit the food storage jackpot and then glut on the stuff they find and keep moving. That’s how I’m trying to look at our little food storage game – a game of survival. Thankfully we won't have to fend off cannibals.

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  1. Too bad you guys forgot Ashton's birthday box of Trix. Not that they offer much nutritional value, but hey, it is technically still considered food. I'm impressed you've lasted three weeks!